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7 days ago

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad climb atop their moral high horses and discuss ethical investing and the 5 best-looking stocks they refuse to buy. But first, they break down the market’s response to the latest Fed meeting and persistent higher rates. Then, they check in on the ARM and CART IPOs, Goldman Sachs’ recent analysis of what leads to higher prices for newly public firms down the road, and the impact of UAW and SAG-AFTRA strikes on the shares of automakers and media companies.

Friday Sep 15, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad talk rising oil prices and how they're hitting the economy, the Fed's favorite inflation trackers, the most heavily shorted stock currently on the market and the Aaron Rodgers injury and investing world parallels. Then, they discuss the recent ARM IPO, what IPO investing looks like for retail investors and what signals they're sending the broader markets.

Friday Sep 08, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad debate whether September will spell an end to the market rally, rising oil prices and the effect on investors, and they dive into what's ailing Disney's (DIS) shares. Then, they bring on Cabot Cannabis Investor's Chief Analyst Michael Brush to discuss his prognosis of cannabis stocks, the mega-rally on the back of HHS's rescheduling letter and what catalysts (and risks) are still on the horizon.

Friday Sep 01, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad discuss the week in the stock market, the surge in cannabis stocks following a recommendation for descheduling by HHS and another weird week in SPACs that saw newly public VinFast blow past legacy automakers' market caps before crashing back to earth. Then, to celebrate her due date, they pitch Producer Madison on the best baby stocks to see which brands and products are still relevant to new parents.

Friday Aug 25, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad give an instant reaction to Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole speech, discuss Nvidia's (NVDA) blowout earnings quarter and what it means for AI stocks, and break down Better's (BETR) catastrophic take-public results. Then, they welcome Cabot Money Club's Nancy Zambell to discuss investor sentiment, the state of the housing market and whether you should buy housing stocks with mortgage rates at 20-year highs.

Friday Aug 18, 2023

This week Chris and Brad debate whether the ongoing market pullback is healthy, earnings season blowups and why the market is punishing good news, and the "bend, don't break" consumer. Then they discuss talking head "doomsayers" and why it's important to take their predictions with a grain of salt. After that, they wrap up the podcast with a conversation about the failure of China's post-covid comeback, struggles of Chinese real estate developers and whether the country is facing a Japan-like "lost decade."

Hot Takes, Hotter Sauce

Friday Aug 11, 2023

Friday Aug 11, 2023

This week on Street Check, “Defend the Take” takes its revenge as Chris and Brad pay the price for their boldest predictions. They’ll revisit each take defended since the podcast began and eat their words with a side of the hottest hot sauces out there. Click here to register for Chris’ webinar, 2 Cabot Stocks Most Likely to Become the Next Tesla, on August 17th at 2pm EST.

Friday Aug 04, 2023

On this week's episode, Chris and Brad talk the current state of the market, companies being punished for positive earnings surprises, strength in Consumer Discretionary stocks and what record levels of cash in money market funds could mean moving forward. Then, they discuss the reality of getting investment advice from your kids by tapping into "cool" trends before teasing next week's episode in which they'll finally face consequences for their "hot" takes.

Friday Jul 28, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad talk travel stocks, earnings, the Fed and electric vehicles before welcoming on Cabot Explorer's Chief Analyst Carl Delfeld. Then, they continue the EV deep dive and discuss ethical investing in the EV supply chain, identifying key inputs to megatrends, and investing globally. You can find Carl's latest book, Power Rivals: America and China's Superpower Struggle, here. 

Friday Jul 21, 2023

This week on Street Check, Chris and Brad welcome on Jacob Mintz (Cabot Options Trader, Cabot Profit Booster) and Mike Cintolo (Cabot Growth Investor, Top Ten Trader) to discuss growth stocks, artificial intelligence, and the state of the new bull market. They also break down signs of exuberance in individual sectors, navigating this quarter's earnings and whether signs are pointing to higher prices ahead. To register for Mike's upcoming webinar "3 Emerging Leaders of the New Bull Market, click here.

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